I need a apa lab report.

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I already did the work. I just need one paragraph of a lab report. In APA format plz.  


Organ donation

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From the podcast , fewer human organs are required by the people. There is a shortage of organs like kidneys, liver, and heart. Even the surgery and the transplant itself can be risky procedures, and the patient or the donor can lose their life too. The donor and the recipient should have a march of their organs before the transplant is done (Abbasi et al.2018). This procedure involves a lot of tests and procedures before the transplant is done. The donor has to consent by signing accepting that they are donating their kidneys.

As per the debate in this video, trading the human organza should be legalized. From the debate, someone brought up the idea that if the family members are not a match or they have underlying conditions that they cannot donate any of their organs to the patient, then the next option that will be readily available in the buying of the kidney or the organ of interest. Legalizing trading will be a lifesaver for most individuals who need an urgent transplant. If the organs are available in the hospitals, they are visiting, and they can easily get the match of their kidneys rather than having the tests being done on their family members, which takes a long time.


Abbasi, M., Kiani, M., Ahmadi, M., & Salehi, B. (2018). Knowledge and ethical issues in organ transplantation and organ donation: Perspectives from Iranian health personnel. Annals of transplantation, 23, 292. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6248176/

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