response essay 10

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I have a writing assignment. Response Essay about the article that I attached.

5 paragraphs.

first one; summary ( include,

-author’s name, title of the article, overall main idea of the whole article

– main ideas from the article , the thesis statement at the end of the summary.

the 3 response body paragraphs;

each one have

1st sentence- topic sentence

– is reflected in thesis

– introduces subjective ideas that’s focus of the paragraph.

– indicates whether you agree, partially agree, or disagree with the subjective idea that’s focus of the paragraph.

– indicates why?

– 3 supporting ideas ; each one needs explanation, elaboration, details, examples.

Conclusion :

– 20% of the conclusion ; summarizes your ideas.

– 80% of the conclusion; Final remarks, advice, and connect to larger context

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