discussion post 337

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American Health Information Management Association. “Internet Resources for Accurate Coding and Reimbursement Practices (Updated).” Journal of AHIMA (Updated March 2010)

  1. Choose one of the resources listed in the article and view the website. Provide a summary of the resource in your discussion post. Answer the following questions, providing examples with your answers:
    • Why do you think that having Internet access and resources are important for a coder? Think about:
      • Medical Terminology
      • Drug References
      • Surgical Procedures
      • Coding Changes
      • Networking
    • What do you think was done before the Internet was created?
  2. In your response posts this week, review the website(s) your classmates have researched and provide additional details about the website in your response, as well as any additional comments about the importance of Internet resources.

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