food poisoning 30 research

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So i have research consist of 30 pages





5/Complications of food poisoning

6/prevalence of the disease annually with precentage ( How the disease developing annually with percentage)

7/Rank the top 10 cities in the world that has the disease



Due by November 27 2018

Briefly describe the aim and scope of the proposed project. Include the nature of research, a preliminary bibliography of relevant readings, any programs, tools, data bases to be used.

2. Briefly describe the final product of the independent study. Specify its format and scope (i.e., 30-page research paper, 50-item annotated bibliography, etc.).

3. Timetable: this should include in specific terms the number and dates of student/faculty meetings and deadlines for assignments

4. Evaluation criteria (what criteria will be used to evaluate your performance?)

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