refer to description philosophy of language

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Please provide on a separate page (which is not included in the exam page limit) a bibliography of “Sources Consulted”. This bibliography should include all references consulted, not just those from which you quoted material. For example, if you consult the Encyclopedia Britannica, include it in the bibliography, and simi- larly for all websites. Acknowledgement of a source is a defense against a charge of plagiarism.

There is a 10-page limit (not including the Sources Consulted page). You must use 12-point font, double space the document, set 1-inch margins, and include page numbers.

Proofread your work! It is a reflection of your seriousness as a scholar to turn in sloppy, typo-ridden, or ungrammatical work. So, be sure to leave enough time for the following:

• Spell-check

• Re-read the final version of your exam for relevance, coherence, and grammar

• If you have questions about usage, you might check on:

QUESTIONS ATTACHED LISTED ESSAY QUESTIONS. ANSWER EVERY QUESTION CLEARLY. Just put number and letter exactly like the question sheet, no need to put the questions in the answer.

Attached are readings to help with the work… You will definitely need the papers by Russell On Denoting


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