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You basically responding to the student

Student paper down below:

In the past twenty years legislation had repeated itself in extreme rates. I belief that the three-strike rule has not stopped crime or violent crimes in the United States. This Legislation must start investing in rehabilitation and stop the use of the three-strike law. I think these three strikes should only apply for felonies. The state must follow the guidelines for every crime committed and see if the three strike applies for the crime committed. According to (Schodolski, V. J. 1996) there 22 states and the federal government have adopted so-called three strikes laws that mandate severe sentences, usually 25 years to life in prison, for many third-time felony offenders. Every state is different and have a different perspective with the three strikes laws. Most states have done what Wisconsin has done and that raises its penalties for many felonies. The penalties for some of the felonies are from 20 to 40 years and in addition has passed specialized laws. Every state is different, and some states don’t even use the three-strike law because they believe some offenders deserve a second chance and its costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

The three-strike law should not be applied to a person that has been convicted of three misdemeanors. If the three-strike law has not stop violent crime, the states should not apply the three-strike law for misdemeanors. The states should follow guidelines and, on the misdemeanor, and see if it fits the criteria of the three-strike law. I would agree with using the three-strike law on DWI charge. If a person is caught three times driving while the influence of alcohol, then the person deserves 25 to life in prison. The California Legislature has passed the three-strike law to remove dangerous criminals from society. This law keeps rapists, murderers and child molesters behind bars. The three-strike law has also sent offenders with petty theft conviction to prison for life. Every state is different and have different guidelines on sentencing offenders to prison.

The data show that the three-strike law is not working because prisons are overcrowded with violent offenders and the trends is not changing. Every state has changed their sentencing guided lines increased punishment. Misdemeanors have also impacted the prisons because of the three-strike law. The cost for keeping prisoners in prison for a long term will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. The data shows that many states are no longer using the three-strike law because the crime rates is not going down.

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