riley v california essay

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  • This paper is to be 2 pages long. Please use a title page.Title pages do not count in length.
  • One inch margins all around.(I do measure)
  • Double spaced.DO NOT “quadruple space” between paragraphs.You will have to change the preset format if you use WORD.
  • Number pages.
  • 10-12 point standard font.
  • The paper is to relate what you learned by listening to the oral argument.As we discussed in class you can do this in a number of different ways.What stood out to you? What surprised you?
  • Writing matters.This paper is graded on content and writing skill.Please consider using the writing center to review your paper before you submit it to me.Points will be subtracted for poor writing.
  • DO NOT plagiarize by copying information about the case from OYEZ’s website.

(1) Listen to the oral argument in Riley v. California. It is the first case in the column on the left of the page.

(2) Listen to the announcement of the opinion.


Write a 2 page paper on your thoughts about oral argument. I do not

want your opinion about the 4th Amendment. Rather, I want you to tell

me what you thought about the process of oral argument. Things like:

Were you surprised by anything? Did any Justice’s questions or comments

surprise you? What did you think of the lawyers? Your thoughts on

oral argument are what I am looking for.

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