answer the follow 6 short essay questions using the information provided

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Using the rubric (fyi: it contains the link to data that was analyzed and used to write the research paper)and the actual research paper I wrote previously are attached, you will answer questions 1-3 in Section A of the attached rubric titled “Solution” and questions 1-3 in Section B of the attached rubric titled “Defense” totaling 6 questions. Don’t worry about the sections titled “Communication”.

Important Information:

Proposal- Present and defend your plan for solving the issue facing your organization

Issue: Complaints against the department for obsessive force

Cause of the issue: Training, staff, department morale, police subculture, job pressures, and community relations

Propose a Solution to combat the causes based on the research presented in the essay.

Each question must be at least 5 detailed sentences.

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