assignment video teaching analysis paper

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Familiarized yourself with the language and guidelines of Task 2 from the edTPA Handbook. Review your respective content area video and then write a 3-page analysis of the teaching methodology and quality based on the edTPA handbook and guidelines. Rate the teacher based on the four prompts below and use APA 6th formatting.

Instruction Task 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning page 22,23,24,26(Please see attached)

Rate the teacher based on a 1-5 scale where 5 is exceptional and 1 indicates a lack for the following prompts:

  • Promoting a Positive Learning Environment -Refer to scenes in the video clips where the teacher provided a positive learning environment.
  • Engaging Students in Learning -Refer to examples from the video clips where students were engaged in learning.
  • Deepening Student Learning during Instruction Refer to scenes where the teacher built on student responses to promote thinking.
  • Analyzing Teaching- Your overall impression of the teacher’s instruction.

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