it infrastructure project phase ii using packet tracer

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All details and link to Packet Tracer 6.2 attached.

3 days after I submitted the 1st Packet Tracer assignment, our instructor said we “had” to use version 6.2 because he used it and newer versions wouldn’t load. He even said “it had to be in 6.2 format within 24 hours or the lab wouldn’t be graded. There was no way to convert the one we used so I would have had to redo the entire thing in 6.2 in 24 hours-but I refused.

I looked in the course requirements and all details and nowhere did it state we had to use a certain version of Packet Tracer-so the points he took off will be added after I file an appeal. An instructor can’t decide in the middle of a week to try to do what he did, so I’ll win.

Anyway, here is 6.2 on my Google Drive. During the install process about 5-6 error popups will show, but just click thru them all and it will install. I’ll also attach the feedback left from the first one.…


Jane Doe Global Hospital owns a network of hospitals supported by four (4) office buildings.

Their original design, depicted in Figure 1, was categorized as a medium-size network for 200 to

1,000 devices. They have well surpassed this and added new services in telemedicine. In

addition, it has several flaws. You, as their senior network engineer, are tasked with the job of a

complete re-design. This design must support a large-size network for over 1,000 devices,

address the current design flaws per figure 1, and meet the future needs of a globally capable

hospital IT infrastructure. *Note, each of the office buildings in Figure 1 also contains additional

routers, switches, workstations, and servers that would support a typical hospital office building

of this hospital size. Include these devices to meet the rubric requirements as you design the

detailed version of this network. Regardless, only one workstation is needed per network switch

to show working functionality.

Project Overview

In this project, you will study performance improvements in a congested, wired WAN

environment that can be solved to varying degrees by

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