leadership and change management 8

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I am attaching the Assignment Below It is a case study i want you to Follow RUBRIC Completely

Write the theories of Management and Change then analysis those theorems related to the case just to support your organization

Must nee to provide theories which will support your validiaty of argument

I need Harvard Style References including Citation, all should be above 2012. No delay at all in case of Delay i will Refund then dont blame me please tack care of Time.

References Should be


PLAGIARISM Must BE Less Than 5%

Introduction (150 or 200 words)

Define both Leadership and Change Management,, The concept change management is the procedure, the techniques &tools …in the words of ABC change management is

On the other side the main concept of the leadership, is that it is procedure through which an individual influence others just to attain the objectives &directs …..in the words of ABD leadership is ……….

Background ( 300 words )

Objectives (100 words)

the objectives o this case sty is

Analysis and Contents

1) Identify two theories Leadership Styles adopted by top management write WHY those theories has been adopted and its importanceace related to tthe case

then do evaluate of botth theories

Identify two Chnage Mangement Theories

Analysis and evalauete the implocations of both theories realted to the case

there are various leadership styles like autocratic and …….in this case case i selected ABC style just because it suits as per the case given

Leadership Theories same way

i hope now it is very very clear how to write the case studies

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