multiple regression 19

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Using your dataset for your chosen model, please do the following:

1. Propose a model that specifies a relationship between a minimum of two IVs explaining/predicting one DV (as we have done in class). Please be sure that your chosen IVs for this scenario are continuous.

2. Perform a multiple regression of your IVs on your DV. Be sure to identify which variables are which.

3. Discuss the R-squared and significance of the unrestricted model (i.e., the full model).

4. Specify the slope coefficients for each of your IVs in the model. Describe whether or not each coefficient is significant in your model (i.e., perform the individual hypothesis tests).

5. If you have a non-significant coefficient in step 4, remove the variable(s) from the equation and run your regression again without the variable(s).

5. Write your regression equation (using your variable names, NOT X & Y) for the fully specified model.

6. If you ran a second model without the non-significant variable(s), write this regression equation.

7. Briefly discuss your model and what it means in light of your analyses.

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