transfer students

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STEP 1: You will draw from ONLY 3 PROVIDED sources, (3) from the PROVIDED sources, NOTHING ELSE. I selected some great, peer reviewed, relatively recent journal articles concerning various aspects of the transfer student experience. Review these articles and choose three of them for your paper. Your paper will draw from three of these articles AND from our textbook. Speed tip, journal articles generally have a useful abstract and conclusions section–use these to skim your way to the three articles you’ll carefully read and use in your paper.

STEP 2: Address these two questions:

Question one: How is our research university, addressing the transition of the largest class of new transfer students in its history?Address this question using the three articles and anything relevant from the text. Take a position for focus.

Question two: What are you learning as you make your own transition and what is your strategy going forward? Using your THREE sources, describe your experience to date and share your plans for the 5 quarters ahead. How will you utilize what you’ve learned (not just from our course, but from your experience over the past weeks) to complete your University of California Bachelor’s degree? KEEP IN MIND I AM A SOCIOLOGY MAJOR.

Some Specifics.

  • Your paper should total approximately 6 pages (NOT including the separate title page and references pages)
  • Use APA format for citations, title page, and references. We have a link to the OWL resource if you need some help with this.
  • Remember your Bloom (Bloom, 1956) as you write. DON’T just quote from the sources — put them to work. Here’s a helpful reminder of Bloom and how to put it to use.…
    • Here’s an example. “Lubach’s (2018) assertion that ice cream should be included in all class meetings has great appeal, but his study on this does not account for those with diets that don’t include dairy products. I think his work is on the right track in that all students like to receive acknowledgment and praise for their work. The ice cream is just one form of that. As a transfer student, I think I would respond well to any sort of unexpected reward. Even if I didn’t consume the ice cream, the gesture would be welcome.” Note how the student has taken the research and added their voice and opinion and then tied it to the questions we are answering in this paper.
  • Your paper should have an introduction that explains that you will introduce your sources and apply them to UCSB transfer scholars including your own experience. Identify the articles and preface how you will use them.
  • Your paper will have two, main sections. One addressing all UCSB Transfer Students and one focusing on your experience as an individual.
  • Write a conclusions section letting readers know what suggestions you have for the body of transfer literature, for those who work with transfer students, and for yourself as you continue your education.

Citation: Bloom, B. S. (1956). “Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Handbook I: The Cognitive Domain.” New York: David McKay Co Inc.


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