video review and observation report

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Course Textbook is: Group Counseling strategies and skills 8th edition

Ed E. Jacobs & Christine J. Schimel etc..

1. DIRECTIONS – After viewing the following video

answer the Observation Questions below

A. Number and state each question before answering it.

3. ViIDEO REVIEW QUESTIONS – “IN DETAIL”, describe behavior of participants.

A. Description of Group (Name, Type or, Purpose)

B. Number of members present, structured or unstructured session,

facilitated by one leader or rotated by members, Topic for this


C. Name and description of individual members in terms of their interactive

styles (appearance, behavior, attitude).

4. Interaction between group members and leader (group cohesiveness,

conflicts, etc.).

5. Describe

a. Two group techniques used by the leader.

b. Two group exercises used by the leader.

6. Describe the group’s progress (accomplishments, barriers, etc.) by the end of the session.

7. Describe the facilitator’s leadership style.

8. Tentative future plan(s) for the group.

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