value line project 2

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Need 3 documents to complete the assignment

—-First, choose a company from the Value Line guide that you can find at Cupertino library or online—the company you choose should be based on your analysis using the 8 dots included next to the sample value line in the course, For example, the first dot is next to “revenue per share”—-as you look through the Value Line guide, go back ten years and see how the company your analyzing performed. Did revenue per share increase at least a small amount year over year? That is the type of performance your looking for in six of the eight dots——the two areas you would like to see decline are, “long term debt” and “shares outstanding”. Once you find a company that you believe has performed well over the last 10 years, take a picture of it and submit it.

—-The 2nd document should be a long term chart for the same company—you can find this chart using Yahoo Finance—type the letter symbols into the small search window and click on it—-for instance, for McDonalds you would type in MCD and click on it—you would then have the financial analysis page for McDonalds which will include a chart of the stock price movement—enlarge the chart to “MAX” and take a picture of it and submit it.

—-The 3rd document, is your analysis as to why you chose that particular company—two paragraphs would be fine.

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