week 15 hospital healthcare issues surge capacity and capability triage mass fatality

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Define Triage. Compare and contrast the purpose and scope of “Triage” methods on the scene (MASS, SALT, Transport priority and destination facility). In other words, compare triage schemes such as MASS, SALT, START


APA style and at least 3 sources


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities play a critical role in disaster and MCI response (Primary resource and CIKR). This week we will define an MCI, touch on triage, and talk about how hospitals go from day to day care to a situation that involves surge capacity and capability. This is closely linked with the concept of triage in all of its iterations, from mass triage at the scene, through casualty care and transportation, to allocation of scarce resources at definitive care hospitals. The discussion will focus on principles of hospital and healthcare emergency planning and response.

Reading Assignments

Attached Files:

Hick, Barbera, Kelen, DMPHP, June 2009 (S) (John L. Hick, Joseph A. Barbera and Gabor D. Kelen (2009). Refining Surge Capacity: Conventional, Contingency, and Crisis Capacity. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 3, pp S59-S67.doi:10.1097/DMP.0b013e31819f1ae2.) (See attachment)

Ciottonech 35, 54

Koenig ch 3

The next is a one-page statement regarding surge from The American College of Emergency Physicians.


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