building common ground

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V. Building Common Ground

Based on the transcripts in the final case study, you will primarily analyze the transcripts provided to find instances when your coworker employed communication skills to manager the situation, collect relevant information, and build common ground. Then, you will identify practices through which your team can rebuild trust in the affected department.

  • Referring to the transcripts provided, assess the utility of the open-ended questions that were used for eliciting useful information. Support your assessment with specific examples.
  • Identify the points during the transcribed conversations in which the interviewer verbally summarized key ideas, describing the important of each occurrence to the communications in the interviews.
  • Determine how the impact of the former employee’s actions was at odds with his intent. Support your determination with specific examples based on the transcripts provided.
  • Identify practices by which the affected department can rebuild trust. Support your identification with accepted conflict resolution practices.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and APA formatting.

Library Article: Conversations That Unleash Employee Talent “Examine high-performing organizations and you will find an important part of their success is fantastic communication. The communication is clear, transparent, iterative, conversational, and proactive.” This article details several effective conversation techniques that help managers unleash their employee talent.

Article/Video: 5 Whys (2:02) (Optional) This article addresses the 5 Whys approach of getting to the root of a problem quickly. In also includes a video overview on the benefits of using the 5 Whys.

**A captioned version of this video may be accessed at the following link: The 5 Why’s Problem-Solving Method (CC)

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