Big Five applied to Dolly Parton psychology homework help

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Apply the concepts of the Big Five to Dolly Parton, use primary source psychological sources, Bio online source allowed for background information. Remember this is a Psych paper and the focus should be the psychological concepts. Please use proper APA formatting, I will tip for proper APA that does not need to be corrected. 500 word minimum. I am attaching a Study guide, please only use this for you refrence do not included it in the finished product.

Apply It!

Take one element of the theories or ideas presented this week and apply it to a real person – for example, someone from current events, politics, business, sports, the entertainment field. Define the terms you’re using, and apply them to an aspect of this person’s life (a specific action, behavior, or decision, for example). How can we understand this person more fully by using this concept to understand him/her?

Please keep this discussion professional remembering that our goal is understanding, never condemning or ridiculing.

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