extra credit political science

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I have an extra credit requirement. I need a TWO PAGES write up about any of this movies. Choose one of your choice, and write two pages about it. If you can, talk about how any of these are included in the film. nationalism, revolution, or colonialism.

Here are the movies

Thirteen Days (Cuban Missile Crisis)

Battle in Seattle (WTO Protests)

Why we Fight (Leftist examination of American War Fighting)

Rendition (2007 / National Security Policy)

Crips and Bloods: Made in America (African-American Gang History)

Amazing Grace (British Transatlantic Slave Trade)

Last of the Mohicans (The French/Indian Wars)

The Patriot (American Revolution)

A Tale of Two Cities (1980 / French Revolution)

The Bounty (1984 / Mutiny on British Naval Vessel)

Amistad (Pre-Civil War Slavery)

Gettysburg (Civil War Battle)

Gods and Generals (Civil War Battle)

Lincoln (Civil War Politics)

The Last Samurai (Satsuma Rebellion / Meiji Restoration)

Downfall (World War II / Germany / Hitler / Subtitles)

Thirteen Days (Cuban Missile Crisis)

The Green Zone (2010, Iraq directly after 2003 invasion)

Hotel Rwanda

Shindler’s List

Lions and Lambs

Black Hawk Down

Charlie Wilsons War

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? (U.S. Economy)

Inside Job (U.S. Economy)

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