future of policing 1

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Complete the matrix with identifying 10 trends, practices, or devices which are currently used or may be used in the future of polcing.

In the first column, identify the trend, practice, or device. You may select from the many trends, practices, or devices discussed in the assigned readings and discussions throughout the course or from new research.For example, “wearable computers,” “forensic science,” “portable cannabis/marijuana breath testers,” “BoloWrap 100,” “intelligence lead policing,” “predictive policing,” “radio technologies”, “gunshot location systems”, “K-9”, etc.

In the second column, create a brief scenario that illustrates the effectiveness of the trend, practice, or device.

In the third column, identify an issue or concern with the trend, practice, or device.

At least one trend, practice, or device should be listed and identified as discussed in your collaborative group activity.

Cite your sources and add your references in APA format below the list.

Your completed assignment should be between 700 and 1,500 words.

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