the tempest by william shakespeare

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hello please correct my writing for the show the instructure take off my points because:

Individual Feedback:

-1 point: Proofread your work.

-2.5 points: Did not identify actors.

-5 points: Did not offer an opinion on whether the event was worth seeing.

the show was about :

The Tempest By William Shakespeare Directed by Michael Cotey November 14-18, 2018 The players are all met, the stage is set, and Prospero is being cued for his grand entrance to meet his enemies who have been washed ashore on the strange and fantastical island he rules over. Now, with power beyond imagination at his fingertips, Prospero must choose which story will truly set him free: one that ends in revenge he craves or one that ends in forgiveness.

read the story for the show from the pictures and from this website…

after that write one page and half by using your own words and make sure that u follow the instructions:

1)Reports on the theatrical event (5 points)

2)Summarizes plot and identifies actors (5 points)

3)Offers an opinion on whether or not the event is worth seeing (5 points)

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