league of legends unit assignment 1

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The goal of this group unit assignment is to engage in a debate on whether or not esports is really a sport.

In this assignment, you will be assigned a position either for or against the claim that esports is indeed a sport. And then you will argue that position using three levels of analysis:

1. The game (League of Legends)

2. The competing teams of players

3. The spectators

You will submit a single slide deck outlining your group argument.

Formatting Criteria:

  • At least 15 slides total, with a minimum of 5 slides per level of analysis (3 listed above)
  • Each slide contains a separate main claim (with supporting detail/evidence as needed)
  • Choose your own font and layout
  • At least 3 data representations used
  • Include appropriate visuals and graphics
  • Powerpoint or keynote software
  • Cite your sources (lecture slides, textbook, article). APA format

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