profile essay 4

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I have attached the first draft of my profile essay, just make some correction

To do your interview, please meet at a mutually convenient location, such as the Library or the Student Union and interview your partner about her experience with more than one languages, including languages that you speak and have studied. Use the following questions and share stories with each other about your experiences. These stories will be important because you will write a profile essay about your partner’s language experiences. You will not write about the interview per se and the focus of the essay will be about your partner’s language experience. Here are the questions to use. Take lots of notes.

The Interview:
• What conditions do you most like about communicating in two languages or more?
• How does your being bilingual meet your personal needs?
• How does your profession recognize the best in your language abilities and your cultural identity/identities?
• How does your being bilingual give life, health, vitality and excellence to your life?
• How does your being bilingual increase value, emphasizing what is important for you?

Use these questions to organize the main ideas of your essay. In the introduction, include a hook, academic thesis statement and a statement of main ideas. Develop the main ideas in the body of your essay and then include a conclusion restating the main ideas. This is a one page essay, double space. Take your essay to the Writing Studio for feedback and make changes accordingly before submitting it to me.

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