week 5 assignment 34

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Part 1:

Identify and describe essential behaviors of the team leaders and team members in developing work teams into high performance teams.

Part 2:

How can organizations identify or develop behaviors such as these in team leaders and members?


  • Include a running head in your APA document that includes your name
  • Use headings to guide your reader (and grader) through your sections and thought processes
  • Include a References page
    • Cite and reference in APA format from any sources that you use.Remember:
      • I do not accept any “Google-type” search results, such as “.com” web pages.
      • If you include a reference in your references page, it must be cited somewhere in the document
      • If you cite in your paper, which you should do, make sure you include it in your references list
      • If you copy text from a source (even if you change a word here or there), insure that you format it as a quote in APA format.
  • Submit to Turnitin Week 5 Assignment5.

Maximum page length (double-spaced):2

Minimum current references: 1 in addition to the references.

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