with great power comes great responsibility

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Each student should read Chapter 13 – Power and Politics in its entirety before attempting this assignment.

After a period of deliberation, provide an answer(s) to the following questions:


Q1 – As stated in your text, many organizations are taking a further step to eliminate sexual harassment by banning romantic relationships between hierarchical employees. Based on your reading, do you believe that organizations have the right to determine what types of behavior consenting adults engage in outside of the workplace? Explain your answer.

Q2 – Who do you consider to be the most powerful individual that you know personally? Referencing the five bases of power, what makes this person so powerful?

Q3 – Is it possible to have an organization where all power is equally shared? If not, is the unequal distribution of power a necessary evil of organizations? Explain your answer.

Q4 – From your experience, what are some of the most common forms of political behavior that you have observed in your work and/or school environment? Are these behaviors ethical or unethical? Explain your answer.

For all questions, you may want to research sources outside of you course textbook to help support your answers.

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