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Week 15 Presentation…

At the end of week 15, you are scheduled to make a “presentation” of Paper 2, in a format of your choosing, to Black Board.

It’s not really “public speaking” the way it would be in class, but you will be presenting the argument you’re making in Paper 2, to your classmates, electronically.

What you need to do:

Find some “multimodal” way of explaining and supporting your argument from Paper 2, which means putting together a presentation of your paper that isn’t a paper—instead, create a slide show, video clip, photo narrative, etc.It’s informal, but meant to be informative and explain the how/why of the argument you’re writing about in Paper 2. Multimodal simply means that you are using more than one “mode” of communication at once. Please see the link I’ve posted in the Week 13 materials about “multimodal communication” for help here.

You can take pretty much any direction you want with this, as long as it’s something you can upload to Black Board so your classmates can view/listen/read etc.

You will receive 20 points as part of your “process grade” for doing this:

Presentation presents your paper in a multimodal way that isn’t just “reading your paper”5 pts.

Presentation lays out your issue and makes clear which side you came down on 5 pts.

Presentation is neat and clean; all media works, and content is free of errors5 pts.

Presentation is about 5-7 minutes’ worth of viewing/fairly substantial in nature5 pts.

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