the purpose of this assignment is to learn from business executives about the challenges facing their organizations 1

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  • What did the CEOs identify as significant challenges facing their firms particularly with respect to competition, globalization, technology, and employee skill requirements.Discuss at least three (3).
  • What did the CEOs identify as strategies that would be needed to successfully meet the challenges you chose in Question I?Discuss at least three (3).
  • Overall, what were your primary takeaways from the panel discussion?Discuss at least two (2).


  • Microsoft Word.
  • 4-5 pages (not including title page, abstract page. and works cited page).
  • APA Format.
    • Title page.
    • Running head.
    • Abstract page.
    • Appropriate sub-headings.
    • In-text citations.
    • Works cited page.
  • Minimum of 3 references.
    • Panel/Video.
    • Shapiro Library.
    • Shapiro Library.



Chryssa Alexis, Vice President, Enterprise Holdings

Lydia Foley, Founder & Broker/Owner, Purple Finch Properties

Thomas Taylor, President & CEO, Foxx Life Sciences

Chris Wellington, Director of Housing Development & Operations, Families in Transition – New Horizons


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Porter, M.E. & Heppelmann, J.E. (2015).How smart, connected products are transforming companies.Harvard Business Review 93(10), 96-114.Retrieved from

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