what is the environmental and social impact that the consumer brand muscle milk carries

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Specifically, this project requires you to conduct a thorough analysis of a consumer brand (Muscle Milk)including its social and environmental impact. Your group should consider a publicly held company so that you can access its financial statements and annual reports.

The final written report should include the following:

  1. A description of the brand’s current marketing strategy – its target market, positioning.
  2. An outline of strengths (its basis for competitive advantage) and its weaknesses relative to competitors with respect to sustainability.
  3. Recommendations for potential growth opportunities with respect to sustainability (product, promotion, distribution, price).
  4. An assessment of threats, with respect to sustainability, in the business environment that may adversely affect its performance.
  5. An assessment of its sustainable performance and position in the marketplace and prospects for the future. What does it need to do in the future to improve its sustainable marketing strategy? Discuss product, target market, promotion, distribution, and pricing strategies.

Include a bibliography of articles and other sources for information used in making your report.

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