i am attaching my orginial work read the guidline below

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Synthesis of Information Assignment: Objective – practice with thinking critically about psychology and being able to write reasonably about a topic. 200 pts

Using the sources from the Finding Sources Assignment and the paragraphs you already wrote in the APA Style Format Assignment, write at least 2 paragraphs combining / synthesizing at least 3 of the 4 sources. This can be many things. Some examples are: comparing and contrasting what they say about the topic, discussing how they expand on each other, discussing if they give contradictory viewpoints (and which you agree with and why), combining facts to give a larger picture of the topic, your general conclusions about the topic, etc. You should build upon the previous assignment, keeping the title page and references page. This assignment should be in APA style, as we did in the previous assignment. You will now have more than one citation in a paragraph! You may choose to keep the paragraphs summarizing the sources from before and add this new information to it, or you may just add the new information. **IMPORTANT: Keep this information, as you will use it again for additional assignments.

EXAMPLE and INFO for citations: You will continue use in-text citations, and will need to have more than citation in each paragraph. If you have information from one source in one sentence, and information from another source in another sentence, you can just place the appropriate citation at the end of the respective sentences. Whenever you change sources, you need another citation. You may also include information from multiple sources in one sentence (this is ENCOURAGED). In that case, you put all the citations in the same parentheses. Here is an example with completely made up information and sources used in the previous templates.

People have very poor memories. In general, unless they work very hard at it, information leaves the brain within minutes, or even seconds (Ciccarelli & White, 2017). However, when people put forth effort, information can be moved into long-term memory (Shaw, Doe, & Smith, 2016). Long-term memory includes memory for facts, concepts, and episodes in a person’s life, and is presumed to be limitless (Ciccarelli & White, 2017). Despite this, long-term memory is susceptible to changing due to new information, even if it is incorrect information. This is known as consolidation error, where incorrect information from new sources is consolidated in with the original memory making it inaccurate (Ciccarelli & White, 2017; Shaw et al., 2016).

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