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2- Identifying Problems outside of Maryland


For this
assignment choose a city or metropolitan area (Do not use a city or area in
Maryland) and identify 5 problems / issues that particular area faces related
to infrastructure or services. Think about larger issues like homelessness,
garbage collection, housing, etc. 

You are to
prepare a 3 – 4 page report that includes the following information for the
area that you have chosen.

1. Location / City:

2. Overall Population:

3. Average Household income:

4. Background: – In a paragraph or two write a
brief overview to describe the area.

5. List 5 Problems /
For each of
the 5 problems identified for the location of your choice describe the problem
in detail. What is the impact on the area? Who does the problem affect? Provide
data/support that proves that this is a problem for the area. Are there any
technologies in use that are helping solve this problem? Is it working?  Are there any technological solutions that
could help solve this problem? Explain. If there is already technology in use, explain
how it can be improved (if it’s not working).

For this assignment, be sure to
support your claims in the report. ALL information needs to be cited in APA

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