4 page paper on subject and material provided in uploaded documents

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The University City Fire/Rescue Department is writing a new handbook specifically for chief fire officers. You have been assigned to complete the section of the handbook that addresses fire department organization and structure.

Your assignment must:

Contain a title page.

Contain an introduction paragraph to introduce organization and structure.

Explain structure, process, behavior, vision, mission, goals, and objectives.

Explain department culture.

Explain the purpose of credentialing.

Describe how the implementation of Incident Action Plans and the Incident Management System contributes to effective fire department organization.

Describe the University City Fire/Rescue Department’s role in emergency management.

Include an overview of the strategic planning process.

Include an organizational structure chart for the University City, IA, Fire/Rescue Department. Review the uploaded PDF document of the University City Fire/Rescue Information document.

Identify which of the 16 life safety initiatives are applicable to leadership and organization and the fire Department’s role in emergency management.

This assignment should be at least four full pages (not including cover page, the organization chart, and identification of life safety initiatives).

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