Acceptable Risk

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A majority of safety practitioners accept the premise that absolute safety is not attainable. Still, some safety practitioners profess that only a risk-free environment is acceptable. These two examples illustrate that view:

Individually and collectively, we are risk acceptors. Variations in the risk levels that individuals and organizations accept in given situations are exceptionally broad. Risk acceptance is situational.

For the second discussion board this week you will be responding to the question below with a 200 – 300 word primary post:

While keeping ethics in mind look at the two forms of employment risk are “Acceptable Risk” or “Absolute Safety”

For your primary post, pick one of the two types of employment risk (use the risk type in the subject line) and discuss why you believe this type should be the preferred type of employment risk for both the employer and employee

Ex: If your primary post is “Absolute Safety” then your peer post will be “Acceptable Risk”

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