Anthoropolgy Symbols, English homework help

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You need to research and post about a religious symbol. You can choose any religious symbol as long as it wasn’t covered in the modules or textbook. Make sure to cite your sources!

Make sure to include:

  1. what religious tradition the symbol is associated with
  2. what the symbol means
  3. a picture of the symbol (or a link to a website where the symbol can be seen)
  4. how the symbol links to a worldview, a myth or (looking ahead) how it is used in ritual


– The Swastika

– The Pentagram

– Christian Symbols

-Religious Toys and Games

– The Sarcophagus of Lord Pakal

-Yoruba Color Terminology

– The Meaning of Time/Color

– The Mayan View of Time

– Rituals and Calendars in Modern Word Religions

-Symbolism of Music and Dance


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