chronic disease 6

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No one wants to suffer from cancer or heart disease and live a poor quality of life. Children don’t want to have a parent suffer and be incapacitate as opposed to being strong and vibrant. Chronic diseases are normally a result of genetics and/or lifestyle and/or environmental influences. Analysis of each of those factors and taking steps to prevent the development of a chronic disease is the topic of this discussion.

  1. Genetic risk factors do not always mean you will get the chronic disease your family has gotten and that you should consider it beyond your ability to control your future health. Examples include diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, blood pressure issues, etc. Discuss a better approach than just giving up and feeling defeated. Risk factors do not need to be considered as death sentences.
  2. “What I do now won’t hurt me when I’m older. I’m too young to worry about it now.”Discuss how this attitude could be farthest from the truth but could also be just as true for a person. At what point does a person cross the line from no impact to fully impacting future health. If you’ve seen young people seriously impact their health by subscribing to this attitude, you can share it but keep the person’s identity anonymous.
  3. If you could look into a crystal ball (or get genetic testing) and know exactly what your future holds for your health, would you want to know? How would that change your life now? Or should you live life now without knowing and without worrying about the future other than to be reasonable and balanced in your approach? Consider the women who… and get double mastectomy? Even when undergoing the surgery, a 10% chance remains of getting the cancer.


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