Complete 4 Short Psychology Rehab Assessment Discussion Posts

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1. Research suggests than an individual’s personality characteristics generally affect the direction and extent of intellectual development. Provide an example of this influence.

2. Is this statement true: If a person has high measured intelligence, that individual should succeed in his or her chosen career? Why or why not?

3. If the concept of intelligence includes many behaviors, how would this understanding affect the selection of intelligence assessment methods for those with disabilities?

4. A rehabilitation counselor who works for a private for profit agency has received no formal training in the administration and interpretation of the WAIS-III, but decides to give the test under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist. The psychologist trains the counselor and believes the counselor is doing an adequate job. The counselor receives additional renumeration from the agency when administering the test, interpreting the test, and writing the test results. He wants to split the fee with the psychologist. Is this ethical?

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