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Topic: chlamydia

  1. Sexually transmitted infection (STI) statistics show that over 50% of new STI infections in the United States are in youth ages 15-24. Your goal is to provide your fellow students with information on one STI so they are more informed and can use this information to better prevent STI’s. Once you have your STI, please post the answers to the following questions below in your discussion. Feel free to be creative and post a picture of how the STI may look.
    • What type of STI did you pick is it (a virus, bacteria or fungi or other) explain what this means. Is it treatable or curable etc…
    • How is it spread? and what can you do to prevent the spread?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • How is it treated or cured?
    • Lastly, make sure to provide a reputable website that you retrieved your information from.

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