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DQ2 Review the “Core Values” media piece located within
the topic materials. Select your basic 9 values that will provide the
foundation for your “Personal Model of Leadership: First Level.” Was it
hard to narrow your selection to only 9 values? Why are these 9 values
important to you


DQ2 Research an organization that has been identified as having senior
leaders and/or trustees that behaved unethically or inappropriately.
What was the outcome of the unethical behavior?

DQ3 After viewing “Values-Based Leadership,” answer the following questions:http://video.mit.edu/watch/valuesbased-leadership-9442/

  1. What is Robert McDonald’s perspective on the importance of values-based leadership?
  2. How does values-based leadership help improve performance in organizations?

DQ3 Considering the increased focus on values such as sustainability,
environmental rights, human rights, and social responsibility, identify
the behaviors and actions you might see in boards, senior leadership
teams, and employees based on these values.

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