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we made a website for “The look”:

name: Weebly

passwork: thelookusa

This paper is group paper,I got Recommendations, so just do Recommendations.


A large portion of the Project grade will be based on what you do in terms of deliverables for you client. Did you create a website? Did you create logos, promotional materials, videos? Did you collect data such as a survey? In other words, what tangible value have you brought the client?

The entire semester you have been working with a client on several marketing related issues. So, because each project is different, each paper and presentation should be quite different. To help you with the structure here are some general guidelines of a potential structure or your paper and presentation:

Executive Summary. You should start with an executive summary explaining in a sentence or two the organization you are working with, discussing the main issues you addressed with your project, and how you addressed them. You can end it with a sentence that lays out the paper from that point on. Such as, “Next we provide some background information about the organization and its environment, a situation analysis, a competitor analysis, information about the organization’s marketing mix, deliverables, and recommendations.

Background. This section can do a more extensive review of the organization you are working with, their target market and market position, and what you think their competitive advantage is. Also, provide some secondary data analysis here as well. Your secondary data analysis should include information about their industry from the library databases and relevant demographics gathered from sources like Also this is where you would include academic journal articles, popular press articles, and anything else you could find to provide some relevant information that would help this organization or add to your paper.

Deliverables. This section should describe the activities, actions, and tangible work you did for the organization this semester. This is the part where you really sell (to me and your organization) your contribution. This section is the most important part of the project because it is indicative of what you did for the last two to three months.

Promotional Strategy. This section is your opportunity to use the concepts from the class and course materials, incorporating key concepts and ideas, and providing the client some extensive analysis of their current promotional strategy as well as a ton of creative ideas you have about what their strategy should be.

Recommendations. Based on everything you did, what recommendations would you make to this organization. These recommendations should relate to how they should use your deliverables and also on the information revealed in all the other sections of your paper.

Formatting Guidelines and Other Important Information and Tips

  • Points are earned based on presenting well-founded arguments in lieu of presenting unsupported opinion.Students are expected to incorporate the text and class material, along with citing quality, academic-level and business-related source material. For this course, please be advised that citing Wikipedia will not be considered an acceptable source.
  • Make sure you have many sources and use evidence based material such as studies published in academic journals and the popular press, secondary sources like industry databases available through the library, and Primary data you collect for the project is also acceptable.
  • Employ APA format for in-text and reference page entries.The Purdue Online Writing Lab ( provides an explanation and examples of the APA format.If this site does not provide a specific APA format example, students should research another APA format resource (e.g., developing the skill of information gathering and utilization is an essential employment skill!!!).
  • The text of the document is required to be 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Page number at the bottom of each page
  • Text is double spaced
  • Type written in Microsoft Word
  • Utilize the section titles (and others if desired) provided above in your write-up.
  • You should print out two copies of your paper to submit to me and your client. Don’t use extra spacing or other weird ways to extend the length of your paper, just follow the recommendations on the first page of this document and you won’t have a problem with length. You will also need to email me a copy of your final draft of your paper on your presentation day.
  • Sloppy writing including typos, bad grammar, and formatting issues is a sign of a lack of care and often indicates you did all the work at the last minute. The more time I have to spend on your draft for these types of issues, the more points will be deducted on your final grade.
  • The best way to do well is that, if you choose to assign parts to each group member, is to have the best writer/student put all the parts together and spend several hours integrating the parts into a cohesive paper. Don’t underestimate how proper integration of content and formatting will positively (or negatively) affect your grade

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