Watch Two Movies then Review the Crisis of the Movies

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Need Assistance with this task.  Need to watch 2 movies that have some type of crisis and review the crisis in the movie……complete the instructions below.

Crisis in Movies Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is for you, as the crisis
interventionist, to learn an organized approach when working with individuals
in crisis. Apart from hands-on experience, this is an effective way to learn
intervention strategies. You will take the information from your text, and the knowledge
from your experience in the field—along with other coursework—and apply it.
Each question below is designed to guide you as if you were working through the
crisis with your client.

Watch 2 movie of your choosing (acceptable in content) with a
readily observable crisis, and then complete a 4–5 page critique of the movie
as it relates to crisis theory and intervention. Give particular attention to
how you might use the ideas presented in this movie to explore the nature of
the crisis, and elaborate on your suggestions for alleviating the crisis,
teaching coping skills, and developing resiliency. Do not write a movie review
or include an abstract.

Below are nine questions to address in your review. Copy and
paste these into your document and then answer each. Address each question
thoroughly. This is a crisis review, not a movie review.

1.  Identify
precipitating event(s) and briefly summarize the plot.

2.  Identify
the type of crisis (situational, developmental, or existential).

3.  Identify
the material, personal, and social resources available to the individual.

4.  What
were the differing perceptions of the crisis (such as the perspectives of the client,
family, community, friends, and legal system)?

5.  Suggest
several steps for your client that could be used to handle the crisis.

6.  Suggest
several steps for teaching coping skills and developing resiliency (preventing
the crisis from reoccurring)—be specific.

7.  Discuss
a biblical worldview or principal related to the crisis.

8.  Describe
the theoretical approach and techniques you would use in providing meaningful
therapeutic interventions for the crisis presented.

9.  Describe
how the movie affected you personally—what did you learn from watching the
movie and how will it impact your development as a therapist?

You receive points for correctly following the format
layout. Similarly, you lose points if you do not answer each question

Crisis in Movies 1 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of
Module/Week 2.

Crisis in Movies 2 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of
Module/Week 5.

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