Interactive Assignment

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As a professional leader, you have been selected by a local college to deliver a presentation on the merit of various leadership theories.

To prepare, first read the articles Effective Leadership in the 21st Century (Jones, 2015) and Bill George: The Era of Self-Serving Leadership is Over but Global Markets Pose the Next Authenticity Challenge for Leaders (Leavy 2015). Appraise the various leadership theories and identify the theory you believe is the strongest.

Next, create a presentation in which you discuss the following:

  • Outline the history and proponents of this leadership theory.
  • Explain how this theory is most applicable in the 21st century with regard to both virtual and traditional team settings.
  • Apply this theory of leadership to a professional field, outlining a realistic scenario to illustrate.

***I would like for it to lean more towards the Effective Leadership in the 21st Century article***

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