Discussion Board 1

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During the first week of your job training, the topic of white-collar crime is reviewed from an historical perspective.

There has been much debate regarding the definition of white-collar crime. Edwin Sutherland noted that white-collar crime is crimes committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his or her occupation. The FBI includes a very board definition on its Web site.

Discuss the following:

  • Search for definitions of white-collar-crime used by enforcement agencies (other than the FBI) or a professional organization, and note the commonality of the definitions. If you are not able to find many definitions, develop your own definition.
  • What types of white-collar-crimes would not be included in Sutherland’s definition?
  • Search the news and Web for an example a case of a white-collar crime. Briefly describe this case in a few sentences and identify some of the common elements of white-collar crime in your example. How would you classify your example of white collar crime?

Clearly identify your company selection in your first header line.

APA format for references. Alphabetical order.

3–4 paragraphs

Needed by Friday before midnight central time.

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