Formal Analysis Essay

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Select a two dimensional artwork you like (or dislike!) to write about. Gather information about the artwork and the artist.

Write your paper as follows:

  • I Introduction
  • II Visual Description of Artwork
  • III Biographical Information
  • IV Contextual Information
  • V Conclusion

Use MLA format for all citations and include a list of at least 3 sources. Citation Information can be found here.


  • Font: Arial, 11 point
  • Spacing: single (Normal)
  • Length: 2 page minimum
  • Heading: see attached
  • Image: Attach as a separate document. REQUIRED

Attached, find the rubric from which I will be grading your essays. Use it as a checklist when you write your paper.

Below are the attatchments with the artwork and the formatting. I picked this pictures from the Kimbell museum of Art. Here are the links for both.……

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