Can someone help me with a sociology project ?

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Putnam’s Bowling Alone, from Chapter16-20, shows how social capital helps improve community and people’s lives in tangible ways. In this recorded oral presentation, you will present a real-world episode in which social capital benefited community. The presentation should be no more than three minutes long.

If you have any trouble during creating your presentation, make sure you contact the instructor as soon as possible.

1) Choose one area–1)children’s welfare and education, 2) neighborhood safety, 3) economy, and 4) health and happiness. These correspond to the topics discussed in Chapter17-20. Do internet research and find a concrete episode in which the connectedness of people brings collective welfare to the community in one of these areas. The episode must present a case in which social capital among people benefit a concrete aspect of a community, not an individual gain.

You are welcome to run your idea by me in advance to see if the case is appropriate. Just send me the inquiry by email. If you need an idea what kind of story you are supposed to be looking for, read the “Bowling Alone” chapter again, and see what kinds of the episodes Putnam writes about there. However, you cannot write about a case Putnam introduces in his book. Pick a unique case.

3) Make a three-minute presentation video that discusses all the following points.

  • Present how exactly social capital benefited the community in the case you chose. What concrete problems were solved, how people used their social network to resolve the issues, and if they encountered any problems in the course? Be illustrative.
  • Include the URL or the citation (if your source is an academic journal)
  • Which type of social capital, bridging or bonding is represented in this case? How so?

4) What should the presentation contain?

  • The presentation should be organized into well-made 5 slides, with your speech recorded over it.
  • Avoid a wordy slide: The bad example of a wordy slide is cited here. Death by Power Point. Don’t do this!
  • I want you to narrate the presentation, rather than writing all the information down on the slides. Slides should have some snippets of information, rather than every single details.
  • Organization of slides and your speech will be part of what I assess, in addition to the content of your presentation.

5) How do I record my presentation.

I know many of you are way savvier than me about technology, so if you already have your favorite program to record a presentation, do it. But if you have not done so, this is what I recommend.

  • Go to Screencast O Matic
  • Do not buy anything. Just go to Start Recording–>launch Recorder (you will have to download the launcher)
  • This allows you to record everything on your screen, and record your voice over it. You need a working microphone, though.
  • Hit Record button in the left bottom corner to start recording.
  • You may add music, add your face talking as an introduction–be creative (use music only if it is not distracting to the presentation)
  • Once you are done, go to Options and choose “save as video file.” Select a folder you want to save it in, and hit Publish.

This free version does not let you edit your video. It will be the best for you to prepare a script so that you don’t have to stumble too many times in your speech. However, I do not expect you to talk like a professional newscaster either 🙂

-I will make the presentation I just need help with the writing of what the professor want. Thank you!! Please check the pdf that I uploud.

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