Can you please review these two budgets and their narratives?

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I need the following answered for the two uploaded budgets for two of my classmates. Each has a budget and a budget narrative. Be as detail as possible. Each students review should be no more than 5 DETAILED paragraphs and no more than 1 1/2 page for both. Please be sure to answer each bullet point.

  • Is (or is not) the budget relevant to the mission? why?
  • Is the budget reasonable based on last year’s actual and the information in the narrative? (point to specifics)
  • Is the income feasible? (upon what is your assessment based?)
  • Are the salaries comparable to others in the field and reasonable for the positions? (how do you know this, What data specifically informed your evaluation of the question?)
  • Do you think that the upcoming years actual will reasonably reflect what is in the budget you are viewing? (if yes, why do you feel assured, if not, why not?)

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