need help to finish this power point

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This is the professor feedback:

Ok this is a good start but you have more to go.

You must have 22 slides, 8 sounds, 8 custom animations (not custom
gifs). You need a slide with your references. Please take off the
automatic timing. You should advance your slides manually during the
presentation. you need more content on your slides .

Please work on this and make sure you have all the elements when you
submit the final version. Look at the blog for help with the custom
animations. Here is the instruction:

The project will consist of a minimum of a 22 slide PowerPoint

Presentation on your lesson plan topic. (1 slide is the title and 1

slide is the references).

Project elements include:

***You must have a title slide and works cited in addition to the 20 topic slides.
* 22 slides (One for the title and one for works cited)
* 8 sounds
* 8 animations
* 2 hyperlink buttons/images to related websites
* Slide transition (on all slides)
* 1 digital video or voice integration (2 additional hyperlinks can replace the video)
* 12 images of which 6 must be real photographs
* 3 photographic backgrounds

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