research process step 3

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Research Process Step 3: A research essay is an original essay where the student poses a research question, gathers materials (designing interview questions, observing and taking notes, designing questionnaires, critical analysis of readings and sources) focuses the research, shapes the argument, and frames the materials in relation to the larger themes developed in the course. Recommended Length: 8-10 pages, double-spaced in 12pt font. APA Format. Yes…the page length includes a page of citations and your cover page!


Please continue to follow the focus/path of your earlier research steps/questions.

Step Three-Final Research Paper-contains an introduction to the topic-clearly stating the purpose of the research-description of the question/problem with clear discussion of the main issues that the research focuses on, followed by the main argument as to how various sources discuss potential solutions or consequences AND your position as to which of these positions seems most justifiable-and a conclusion that may include some possible avenues for further research and any limitations of your research that may have impacted and influenced your discussion and conclusions. The final paper is a revised marriage of your Step One synthesis expanded by your Step Two annotated references and conclusions. You can then use the APA style citations from your annotated bibliography and any other sources you’ve added.

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