Week 6 “Communication Management” 10 Questions

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Question 1

If a project has 12 stakeholders what is the total number of communication channels?





Question 2

The goal of controlling communications is to share information regarding the project’s with performance stakeholders and to improve upon the established?

Communication process

Stakeholder management plan

Project planning process

Statement of work

Question 3

The receiver confirms that the message is being received through feedback question is called?

Encoder messaging



Active listening

Question 4

The pitch, tone, and inflections in the sender’s voice affecting the message being sent is known as?



Active listening


Question 5

The communication approach pulls the information from a central repository like a database of information. The approach is good for a large number of stakeholders who want to access information?



Status review meeting


Question 6

The five inputs to a risk management plan include project management plan, charter, stakeholder register, enterprise environmental factors, and ______________?

Scope document


Organizational process assets

Probability charts and timetables

Question 7

Risk identification involves a systematic process of moving through the project, the project plan, the WBS, and supporting documents to identify all possible risk. Two categories of risk reflect all risk. The two are pure risks and ?

Business risks

Scope risks

Resource risks

Schedule risks

Question 8

Qualitative risk analysis is often the first pass in evaluating risk. Qualitative risk analysis helps prioritize risks based on probability of occurrence and impact on project. Qualitative risk analysis attempts to?

Qualify risks

Assess risks against company resources

Evaluate risks in terms of timing within project

Determine when risks may occur

Question 9

As risk analysis happens throughout the project, one of the documents that is always updated as new risks are identified and known risks re-evaluated is the?

Risk matrix

Risk management plan

Risk register

Risk score card

Question 10

An example of a response to risk is avoidance. One way to avoid the risk is to?

Shut down project

Accept the risk

Buy insurance to offset risk if it occurs

Ignore the risk

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