Soap note for geriatric patient in nursing home

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Hello follow instruction, please can you use these ICD-10 Codes and diagnosis to make up 10 Soap notes with each of them for older adult patients or residents age 50 year old and up currently living in a Nursing Home Facility or Long Term Care Patients. Below is a sample of what to include in the notes how to do the soap notes. Use different age, Vital sign, sex, Mental status, weight, inches, BMI, ECT…… and information for each soap notes.

Location: Nursing Home

Age: From 50 year old and up 69 years

Sex: Female and male


Weight: in LBS




Blood pressure:

Respiratory rate:

SpO2: on room air


Chief complaint:


Past Medical History:


Rx (medications

FHx (family history):


SHx (social history) SHx (social history)



Preventive Health:


Staph Infection. Need ICD-10 Codes

Influenza. Need ICD-10 Codes

Sore mouth [ICD-10: K13.79

Acute rhinitis ICD-10: J00

Stomatitis ICD-10: K12.1

Dermatitis [ICD-10: L30.9],

R09.2 | Respiratory arrest

R09.3 | Abnormal sputum

R09.81 | Nasal congestion

R09.82 | Postnasal drip

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