2 English assignments

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for Brainology assignment please Be as thorough as possible. The entire text box should be full of your writing.

for the second assignment watch ted talk video and answer the questions. and for the question number 4 please refer back to high school. and please write it as a paragraph


  1. If you were given the chance to talk with Pierson, what would you say to her?
  2. What do you think about the importance of teacher-student relationships?
  3. Does building a relationship with your teacher really make a difference in your success in a class?
  4. Think back to your own educational experiences and the relationships you have had with your teachers so far (whether that is in high school or in previous semesters in college). Would you describe these relationships as mostly positive or mostly negative? Why? Please provide concrete examples, referring to specific teachers (feel free to change names).
  5. What do you plan to do in order to have positive relationships with your College instructors? Why is it important that you do? How will you benefit from engaging with instructors here?

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