Art in the World and Workplace, art & design homework help

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Art in the World and Workplace

In a two page paper, describe how the course has
changed your view of the world of Art using specific examples of three concepts
discussed throughout the course. Begin with your perceptions of Art before the
class, and how some of those ideas may have changed, or reaffirmed some of your
beliefs. Your paper should include substantial personal analysis of the ideas,
not an explanation of facts. This is a personal analysis of the content.

Please make this 2 pages and in APA format.

Please include a reference page and site sources
within the paper.

Examples of concepts:

The value of art

Process vs. Product

Kitsch vs. Couture

Clowns vs. Columns

Art in a mirror

Branding a smile

All art leads to film

Sculpting in time and paint

The seed of curiosity

Where is the art?

Technology as innovations in

Everyone is an artist

Art vs. Money

The Golden Age of Assemblage

Lies and Truth

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